Introducing SurfEasy. Private and secure web browsing on any computer or network.

We access our online lives from many different locations, networks and computers. SurfEasy lets you take control of your online privacy and it’s as easy as plugging in a USB key.

No Ordinary USB Key

Inside is sophisticated hardware specifically designed for running the SurfEasy browser and network encryption software. It runs faster and lasts up to 10 times longer than standard USB flash drives.

Password Protection

Your SurfEasy key is password protected to keep your personal information private. After 10 incorrect password attempts, SurfEasy will automatically reset to factory settings, erasing all personal information.

Easy Launch

Using SurfEasy is as simple as plugging in a USB. Insert SurfEasy into a compatible PC or MAC and it will automatically launch. With your account set up just enter your password and start browsing.

Fast Encryption

SurfEasy’s private proxy network is designed not just to be secure, but also fast. We manage our network 24 hours a day to ensure your browsing is as fast (and sometimes faster) than unencrypted browsing.

Configuration Free

No complex proxy or network settings to configure. Even inside networks that normally require special configurations, SurfEasy is designed to figure it out on its own. Simply plug in and browse.

Instant Shut Down

Need to get offline in a hurry? Simply remove SurfEasy from the computer and your browser will close instantly leaving nothing behind. (If you're not in a hurry we do recommend closing the application first.

Secure the Internet connection on any computer

SurfEasy automatically establishes an encrypted tunnel through our private network. Everything you do inside of the SurfEasy browser is protected by the same encryption used by the world's leading banks. You'll benefit from:

  • Advanced SSL encryption of all your browsing
  • Protection for Wi-Fi hotspots and monitored networks
  • Each of the other great features below: